Content Cleaning And Restoration

As part of our restoration service, we offer content cleaning and restoration. This service can be required as a result of a fire and smoke damage clean up, mould removal and in many cases as the result of flood and water damage. These unfortunate events can cause severe damage to the contents of your home or business environment. Content such as furniture, material, ornaments of varying materials, electronic items, kitchenware and other objects within your space will also need to be treated after the water damage has been remedied. We take special care with all of your content including fabrics, rugs, paintings, and antiques. We will advise you of the best course of action and follow our industry recommended processes to restore your home or office items to the highest standards.

Firstly, our expert team will pack each item individually and carefully to carry out a damage inventory so that we can assess the level of damage and whether the item is restorable.

If the item is salvageable, our team will get to work right away to clean and restore your content in the most effective way. We waste no time when it comes to cleaning the content of your home or business to ensure that the damage is as minimal as possible and does not deteriorate further. Swift action and removal of water, soot or mould spores helps to safeguard the fabric or material of the content from incurring any lasting damage which can be caused when items retain soot of mould debris or dampness which continue to affect it.

We restore your content by ensuring that it has been fully hand cleaned by our professional damage repair team. This process is to make sure that soot or spores of mould have been removed and that the object is completely dry and all damaging particles have been effectively removed. We will then deodorise and sanitise your contents individually to prevent odour as well as ensure their restored condition and future preservation.

We aim to salvage and restore as much of your content as possible and will advise you through each step of this process so that you can be comfortable that your content is in safe hands. Once our job is complete and we have successfully cleaned and restored your items, we will carefully repack them so that they can be returned to you in the highest standards of condition.

Our professional team endeavour to provide with you 100% satisfaction when you receive your restored items. Our aim is, as always, to ensure that the damage is restored and that you can return to normal as soon as possible with your content restored and returned to their rightful place, making your home or office feel like it did before the incident ever happened.

For further assistance with regards to restoring your content, please get in touch with our friendly customer care team who will guide you through the process of successfully restoring your items.