Fire Damage & Smoke Damage Restoration

Professional fire damage restoration services with us

We are your professional fire and smoke damage experts. When fire affects your home, it can leave a trail of disrepair as well as smoke damage which not only affects your building but the contents within it. Fire and smoke debris also reduces your quality of air and have a secondary effect on everything in their path. From the moment you get in touch with our friendly customer care team, we will support you to get your property back to normal as quickly as possible. The sooner we can begin the clean-up process after the fire, the more we can help you prevent further damage or loss from the secondary effects of the fire.

Repairing your home or office after fire damage

Fire damage can be devastating, leaving immediate damage as well as a smoky smell and blackened walls. Not only can these effects be damaging to the structural aspects of the home or building but it can also be a health hazard affecting your quality of air. We aim to help you clear this up as quickly as possible to restore your home to its previous condition so that you can get on with normal everyday life.

The first step our dedicated team will take is to undertake fire damage cleaning

Upon arrival, our knowledgeable team will make sure that the area is safe to enter. We will remove affected items and appropriately dispose of materials which cannot be recovered.

We carry out a number of monitoring and reparation steps to restore fire damage which has occurred in your home or office. Our fire restoration team will carry out our fire damage cleaning process to completely eliminate smoke and fire remainders such as black ash and yellow walls. We make every effort to ease the process for you so that fire damage restoration need not be a painful experience, our fire cleaning team works to cause minimal disruption during the repair and restore process.

Smoke damage restoration is an integral part of our service

Once we have tackled the immediate damage caused by the fire, we will then tackle the smoke damage. Depending on the type of fire, for example, oil or paper related, we will be able to test and determine the density of the smoke. Smoke residue can be more or less condensed and after the fire, it will begin to coat the surfaces of items within your property. We have a number of tools and techniques to prevent this effect from having further consequences on your home or office.

Smoke removal is an important step in the restoration process

Our second part of the process consists of soot and smoke removal to ensure that any ash and soot debris in hidden cracks and corners is totally removed and treated by thermal fogging. This also takes care of eliminating odour and restoring the quality of air within the space. Deposits of ash and soot need to be removed to prevent further deterioration of walls, and items in the building which have been affected. Smoke and soot can cause decay, corrosion which have long term effects of your property. We work to the highest industry standards to ensure that we take care of every aspect of the fire and smoke restoration process.

It is very common that if a building has suffered fire damage, it generally follows that there will also be water damage as a result of attempts to extinguish the fire. We are also fully qualified to repair and restore these affected areas as part of our fire and smoke restoration and structural drying skills and services.

To remove and repair damage caused by the fire and smoke we use a number of systems to dry, restore the affected area as well as clean polluted air. Our fire restoration technicians use tools and methods which will vary depending on the type of fire. We employ a variety of processes which include filter vacuuming, brushing, air blasting and dry soot sponging. We also employ wet vacuuming methods where appropriate, which includes wet vacuuming, extraction, pressure washing, steam cleaning. The tools we use and the process we employ will depend upon each situation, which we will handle with the utmost care and quality.

Once the fire has been extinguished, it is recommended to contact us straight away. The sooner our technicians can get to work, the sooner we can prevent secondary effects from causing damage to your space and the things in it.  Tackling fire and smoke damage quickly, we provide a 24-hour service so that we can help you as soon as possible. We are one of the best fire and water damage restoration companies in Sydney, we are available to help you at any time.  We have specialist experience restoring fire and damage and our background in structural repair means we can identify problems which may cause long term issues. We provide a comprehensive and friendly approach, helping you to restore your home or office and the quality of the environment for everyone that uses your space.