Flood Restoration Sydney


The flood restoration process using our professional services

Floods can be caused by a variety of reasons such as a burst pipe, malfunctioning boiler or washing machine or blocked drains and gutters which can cause sudden and immediate damage. Other incidents such as Radiator leaks or a slow pipe leak can also cause flooding and water damage which shows up in a different form, causing problems which are out of sight. Either way, flooding can cause severe damage to your carpets, walls or ceilings and if not properly addressed can affect the structure of your property.  We offer a 24-hour service so that our rapid response team is on hand to help you as soon as possible to stop flooding and begin restorative measures to prevent further damage to your carpets, walls and ceilings. Once you have noticed the leak or flooding, it is important to act quickly and contact us. Prompt action allows us to act quickly to stop the flood and can significantly reduce the level of damage caused. Our company provides flood repair services for small or large flooding, for homes as well as office buildings.

Addressing carpet flood damage and flooded carpet restoration

We aim to complete our job with our customers quickly and efficiently. We treat and restore flooded carpet and affected areas to the highest standards, restoring your property to its normal condition with the minimum disruption. We care about your comfort during this process and do our best to work without causing inconvenience, leaving you with 100% satisfactory results.

Tackling flood damage in your home or office

Flooding can cause severe damage as well as leaving long-term problems if the flood clean-up has not been carried out correctly and thoroughly. Our experienced flood restoration team is here to help. Using our tools and technical know-how, we will dry your carpets, removing excess water and restoring carpets back to normal that have been affected by flood water damage.

We carry out a methodical carpet flood damage restoration process to achieve the most outstanding results. This involves drying, decontaminating and dehumidifying the carpet and room so that we can get to work on restoring the carpet and surrounding area.

Firstly, for flood water removal, we use water extractors to draw out excess flood water and ensure that the area is as dry as possible. It is important to carry out this step effectively to ensure that moisture has been removed and that carpets and floor areas have been thoroughly dried.

Flood water is generally dirty and can contain bacteria, chemicals or other undesirable and possible harmful substances so it is important that the carpets are fully treated. To eliminate any contamination, we will then decontaminate the area to ensure that these will not cause further damage to the flooring, and more importantly the people who use your space.

We will then set fans and dehumidifiers to work, reducing moisture content in the air to decrease the risk of mould or rot. These will be monitored over a recommended period of time which will depend on the severity of the flood. We will be able to advise and discuss this with you at the time). Our expert team will effectively carry out our specialist flood damage restoration services in order to restore affects areas to their condition prior to the flood.

If a flood has damaged your home, rest assured that when you call us we will do our best to halt and restore flood damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. To tackle your flood water damage restoration job, contact your friendly and experienced Sydney flood repair team. We will help you to get your home and office dry and looking as good as it did before the flooding ever happened. We are focused on customer care and understand how devastating a flood can be. We also understand the best methods to restore different types of water damage so that when it comes to repairing the damage we can apply best practice to the situation to provide you with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.