About Us

Our company has been restoring water damage in Sydney homes and businesses for over a decade, and we are trusted experts in our field. Over time we have become a team of dedicated professionals, highly knowledgeable in our service offering. Water damage restoration has always been one of our primary service and one that we pride ourselves on delivering the highest results for our customers.

Since this service is at the core of our company, we have invested a huge amount of time in training our dedicated team, learning and following industry standard best practice and methods. We keep abreast of new equipment so that we can use the most efficient and effective tools to dry and restore water damage. We are constantly updating our skills and know-how as new technology and techniques emerge. This means that we are always at the forefront of industry knowledge, this allows us to offer the best level of water damage remedial work and restoration.

With a combination of industry best practice recommendations and our experience gained over the years, we follow a methodical and thorough step by step process which we have put in place to cover every aspect of possible damage. Through our tried and tested process, we carry out ongoing assessments throughout our work, which follows every step of the drying and remedial work. Actions such as water extraction, drying, dehumidifying, cleaning, damp and mould prevention, to restoring the quality of air are all monitored and assessed to ensure that the work has been thoroughly carried out to the highest standard. We employ the most suitable and effective techniques for your space, assessing the process at each step, we will always communicate our findings to our customers, keeping you involved with the progress of the work. Our customer care is at the core of what we do. We want to make sure that our clients receive the best service and peace of mind during the work and we do our utmost to communicate and care out our services to the highest standard and level of care.

We have sourced the most effective industry products and equipment which yield powerful results to extract and dry the areas affected. Our team is highly trained and experienced in employing these methods and use the most efficient machinery to produce the best effects to get the job done to achieve the best results. It is also important to ensure the job is done with the highest level of diligence to ensure that no further damage can be caused by the water damage after we have carried out our work. We work hard and continually assess our work to ensure that secondary effects of water damage are eliminated. This is the reason we have put in place the method we use, we really want to make sure that we fully remedy and restore the area during our work at your property, paying specific attention to structural drying and restoration to ensure that further damage is prevented by carrying out a thorough and assessed job.

We place great value on providing customer satisfaction and peace of mind as we understand that water damage can have devastating effects on your home or business. We want to help you to eliminate the problem as quickly but more importantly as efficiently as possible. From your first phone conversation with our friendly team and the arrival of our dedicated restoration team, to caring for your content and restoring your home, you will find a pleasant, transparent service. Our friendly customer care and guidance will allow you to rest assured that we are following the most appropriate steps to ensure that your home, its structure, and content are our main concern and that we want to give you the best results so that you can return to normal as quickly as possible.

With many years’ experience, we have seen many types of floods and water damage. We have helped many customers through this process. We are considerate and professional in our approach and this shows through every step of the restoration work. We look forward to being able to help you fix damage caused by water, ensuring that you experience minimal disruption whilst receiving the highest quality of work and care.