Structural Drying Sydney

Water damage house structural reparation and restoration services

Our company specialises in providing structural drying services for flood and water damage house restoration. This is at the core of our skills and experience and we are dedicated to delivering the best results. We understand how flooding can affect your home or office premises and we really want to ease this process. We aim to make this incident as pain free and quick as possible whilst maintaining the highest standards of workmanship throughout our work with you.

Clearing up flooding, our home water damage restoration team provide the best care

Flooding can have seemingly devastating effects on your home and can look irreparable, but with our friendly and professional services, we will have your space back to normal as quickly as we can with minimum disruption. From your initial call with our friendly customer care team to the finalisation of the works for your space with our flood repair team, we will help you at every step to restore your building and rooms to their previous condition.

We tackle all areas of floods, such as water damage wall care and restoration

Our experienced team will carry out our structural repair and restoration process to make sure that we fully tackle the water damage. We pay special attention to aspects which could cause longer term structural problems if not handled correctly during this process. When floods occur, wood, floorboards, concrete and plaster may be affected, these need time to dry out and be restored. It is crucial that the structural drying of your home or office is carried out methodically. Rebuilding and restoring structure before the drying process has been completed can bring large problems in the future, as mould or rot can set in. This will cause structural materials to deteriorate over time, weakening the overall building and causing a multitude of problems for your house. We will take care of all aspects of your home water damage restoration by structural drying it to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind for the future of your home or building.

Our specialist team will take care of flooded basement drying and repair

We also specialise in structural drying of basement water damage. Flooded basement restoration requires in depth inspection to ensure that the foundations of the property and its overall structure has not been affected. It is also essential that the basement is thoroughly dried out as damp is a common problem, especially for basements, which can lead to further structural problems and rising damp in the future. After a flood in the basement, our team will provide utmost care and attention to ensure a successful restoration process.

Upon our first water damage inspection we will assess damage caused to flooring and floor covering, as well as the structure of affected walls and ceilings.

Flood water is dirty and can be contaminated.  Building materials which are porous, absorb larger amounts of this contaminated water, and some materials may need to be replaced. We will be able to advise and assist you in the removal of water logged or contaminated items which cannot be salvaged. We will also decontaminate all affected to areas. Our team is fully trained and skilled in all stages of the drying process.

Our professional structural drying team will carry out water damage wall testing, monitoring to gage moisture to detect mould or damp which can leave a stagnant odour as well as cause structural decay. The drying and dehumidifying time can vary on the type of building, ventilation and the severity of the flooding – it can take a number of days to make sure that the area is completely dry. We will conduct a number of visits to monitor and inspect this progress. We will repair ceiling water damage ensuring all structural problems have been dried and repaired. We can then proceed to removing the underlay, finishing the touches to restoring your home or office to its prior condition, giving you the peace of mind to be able to return to normal.

We will carry out a number of site inspections and assessment during and after the drying process. Even after we have carried out the work, we will visit your premises to follow up on the results and conduct any further tests in order to conclude a successful restoration.

Whether you need office or home water damage restoration, our team is on hand to advise and assist you in taking the best steps to restore your space to its former glory. Our company specialises in water damage house restoration services. We work at your convenience and have a very professional approach to our job. We aim to cause you the minimum disruption while we carry out our work to the highest standards. We offer a 24-hour emergency service so that you can call our friendly expert team who can get started helping you right away.