Water Damage Restoration Steps

Water Damage Restoration Steps

Restoring water damage is rarely a straightforward task, there is a lot to take into account if we want to carry out our role successfully, not only for immediate effect but for long-term results that keep your house, aesthetically and structurally sound, mould and damp free.

We will begin to tackle water damage immediately after our initial assessment so that we can begin to carry out the steps to restoring your space as soon as possible to prevent any further damage or secondary effects of water damage from settling in.

The first step is for us is to carry out an initial inspection. This will help us to assess the water damage and to decide on the best tools and equipment to use to begin extracting the water and taking steps to effectively dry your property. We will carry out an assessment of the structural damage to determine how and which methods we will employ to yield the best results.

Our dedicated professional extraction team will work to remove excess water using our powerful extraction equipment to ensure that the moisture content has been removed from the area. We will do our best to remove water and moisture so that we can proceed to dry the space fully.

Carpets and flooring suffer the most when water damage has occurred. After the water extraction process, any affected flooring will be dried as thoroughly as possible. If any flooring, carpet or timber needs to be removed, we will advise you of this and discuss with you the best steps moving forward. We do endeavour to salvage and restore as much of your home or business premises as possible so all steps will be taken to extract and dry the area to achieve the best possible results and restore your flooring so that it can remain part of your space.

At this stage, our content care team will advise you which content can be dried and restored. They will also carefully pack the affected contents of your home or office so that it can be dried, cleaned and restored. Any mould residue remaining will continue to deteriorate the object, inducing mould, mildew, rot, and bacteria to take set and spread through your space once they are put back in their place. Reinstating contaminated items will damage not only the space but will reduce the quality of the environment, which can cause harmful respiratory problems. So it is crucial that these items are meticulously restored before reintroducing them into the area.

We use thermal technology to assess and inspect our work to check that all areas are totally dry, assessing flooring, insulation and wall and ceiling structure before moving forward in the restoration process. We carry out milestone assessments at every step of the process to log progress and also ensure the job is complete before moving on to the next step. This is extremely important in order to prevent secondary effects of water damage which can have severe repercussions on your building’s structure in the long-term if not carried out appropriately throughout this stage. We take great pride in the quality of our work and carry out a recommended industry process which is highly effective. It is our duty to carry out our work to the highest standard to give our customers peace of mind for the future of their environment. We carry out health and safety checks throughout our assessments to ensure that all aspects have been covered and carried out with the greatest diligence.

The area will then be cleaned and disinfected. Flood or leaked water can contain micro bacteria, as well as dampness promoting bacterial growth. Our fully trained and equipped team will disinfect the space using professional industry proven cleaning products to kill germs and sanitise the area and materials which have been affected. This included eradication of mould spores, killing mildew and destroying bacteria which could cause secondary effects and future problems for both health and structure of the building, whether it is your home or business premises.

Once these steps have been taken, our technicians can then complete the drying process. This involves setting up dehumidifiers and large fans within the area to ensure the removal of moisture content in the air and thoroughly dry the space. This is to ensure that walls, flooring and general structure dries completely before carrying out any repairs. This phase can vary in time as it will depend upon the severity of the damage. We will continually monitor this step to ensure that the machines are working to full efficiency. We will complete this process as quickly as possible but will not complete this stage until our assessment determines that the area is thoroughly dried and that damp has been eradicated.

At First call restoration crew we are dedicated to tackle any structural drying issues to make them sound and restore your home or office space. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best finishing touches so that you can return to normal as soon as possible. We work hard to provide you with the highest quality of water damage restoration, we have a fantastic team of professionals, who each specialise in their part of the process so we will never compromise on the quality of the work done. You will be informed and consulted at every step of the process and we will complete the job causing minimal disruption to your daily life. If you want an excellent job with a friendly and understanding attitude, contact us for a job done with trust, care, and confidence. We are your expert Sydney based water damage restoration team, at your service.